October 2015 Newsletter

The Complete Guide to Holiday Digital Marketing

If the holiday marketing season feels like Groundhog Day, you’re probably doing it wrong. That’s because each year, consumers get savvier. As a result, marketers have to adjust.

Are you ready for your best holiday yet?

Learn how to gain insight into last year’s successes, as well as the best new online marketing methods for reaching your customers and driving conversions.

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Andrew Wetzler


Most people like shiny new things. That includes Marketers, and the Digital era has presented a never-ending buffet of shiny new things to capture our attention (and marketing dollars). They come in many forms, like fresh advertising options within social media channels and brand new platforms to explore, like Periscope.

Danielle Leitch


Over the next few months, we have several exciting events to round out the year. Should you find yourself already scheduled to attend one of these, or want more information, please let us know!

Andrea Hamilton


As marketers, we can all relate to this situation; an online campaign has just ended, the results appear favorable but there are a few lingering questions from your management team.

Khrysti Nazzaro


Q: My content marketing efforts are stale and wordy. Any thoughts or ideas on ways to make them more engaging?

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