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Q: My content marketing efforts are stale and wordy. Any thoughts or ideas on ways to make them more engaging?

When thinking of content marketing we may get stuck in a rut thinking of copy we want to write, topics we want to write about, and the keywords we want to target. Sometimes we focus too much on text and not enough on interactivity. If you’re feeling like your Content Marketing is stale, consider:

  1. Custom Imagery: Create custom graphics to correlate with different pieces of content pieces. Don’t forget to brand them so when you publish in social media or offsite, you maintain attribution as the original source.
  2. Animated Infographics: Make animated infographics or process graphics. Having something that moves with people and helps explain your message is a great way to get your audience involved and may even compel them to share, expanding your audience.
  3. Video is worth a million words. Create videos that have to do with your textual theme and provide an explanation of your topics. This gives people lots of insight, value and information and they may be more likely, again, to share and proliferate on your behalf.

Keep in mind, when you create bigger pieces of content like these, you can always slice them up into smaller pieces and share via your blog or in social media. One piece of content can actually have a lot of legs if you are strategic in your approach.

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