Advanced Tactics for AdWords, Analytics and SEO



We recently produced our fifth successful joint workshop with Google in South Florida.

The theme of the event focused on specific Google tactics that advertisers could apply within their digital marketing strategies. As a Google Analytics Certified Partner and Google AdWords Partner, MoreVisibility benefits from this strong business relationship through opportunities to educate marketers, such as this joint workshop.

For those who were unable to attend the event, I have recapped some of the more important takeaways below:

  • Brand Building: part of understanding the consumer is understanding the challenge, and the behavior change you are trying to incite.
  • According to Think with Google, the Mobile Moment has happened! 50% of demand came from Mobile users during 2014.
  • Audience Targeting: know how to reach them with AdWords options beyond just keyword search:

    • Custom Affinity
    • In-Market
    • Interests
    • Demographic
    • Remarketing
  • Tell a story every step of the way to your audience:

    • Awareness via YouTube
    • Interest via the Google Display Network
    • Consideration & Purchase via Google Search
  • SEO considerations during a responsive website redesign include:

    • Page load time
    • Redirects
    • HTML and CSS coding
    • Meta data limits
    • URLs / Filenames
  • Google Analytics: Universal Analytics coding specifically, helps with multi-device and multi-touch web activity tracking. If you haven’t already upgraded your site coding to Universal, the time is now!
  • There is the option to create Remarketing lists through Google Analytics (very powerful data and advertising option), in addition to what’s available within AdWords.
  • A prerequisite for success with Google Analytics is proper URL tagging on all links driving traffic to the website (exclusive of AdWords activity, if you have synced these accounts – as well as SEO traffic, which can’t be tagged).

Stay up to date with our Digital Marketing events, both those we are hosting, as well as those we sponsor or are speaking at throughout the country. Hope to see you in the future at one of these!

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