August 2016 Newsletter

The Online Marketer’s Guide to Google Search Console: Part I

Google Search Console can help monitor & maintain your site’s presence in Google. This white paper outlines reports to help assess your Organic performance in Google.

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Andrew Wetzler


One of the first steps I take when checking out a company’s website is looking at their blog (if they have one) and discovering whether it’s being kept up to date. It may not seem like a big thing, and my perception may be jaded given what I do for a living, but I think it’s a good indicator of whether a company is committed to digital marketing and how effective they are at it.

Danielle Leitch


Every instrument and section of an orchestra is critical to a successful sound, yet it’s the maestro who coordinates when each begins, ends, plays light or strong. If you are responsible for the overall marketing strategy and efforts (especially digital) at your organization, then the answer to the above should be, “YES!”

Jaclyn Robledo


With the end of summer here, families have wrapped up the last of the vacations and have gotten their little ones ready for school. Online advertising, not surprisingly, tends to be slower this part of the year than other parts of the year.

Theo Bennett


Q: How do I determine why my traffic has dropped in Google Analytics?

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