Are You a Marketing Maestro?



Every instrument and section of an orchestra is critical to a successful sound, yet it’s the maestro who coordinates when each begins, ends, plays light or strong. If you are responsible for the overall marketing strategy and efforts (especially digital) at your organization, then the answer to the above should be, “YES!”

With so many different tactics and channels layered into most companies’ digital marketing plans, we often find a missing, but critical, element. It is that of the over-arching strategy or plan which takes into consideration every piece of content and digital asset being produced, as well as channels they are each being promoted on. Typically within organizations, especially those that are incredibly siloed in their approach to marketing, we see marketers working very hard towards a goal but no interaction or collaboration with others doing the same internally in different spaces. This can lead to a disjointed approach which comes across as such to the customer/end user.

So, how do you prevent this from happening and become more cohesive with promotional efforts or advertising campaigns?

One of the most successful ways to handle this corporate marketing challenge is to designate one person, either a Manager/Executive or designated Team Lead within marketing group, to manage the process. A great starting place is with data analysis for all these efforts. Reviewing the analytics from a top-down approach, allows companies to identify trends versus channel anomalies, as well as see where halo effects are or are not occurring. This can then lead to more productive group discussions amongst all the vendors or internal marketing folks responsible for each effort. It also provides an opportunity (with recurring meetings scheduled for this) to then share what each channel or initiative has underway and allow others to share how they can cross-market effectively or leverage the other tactics to the company’s advantage.

When there is one person (designated as such) reminding everyone of the common theme and goal behind initiating each of their efforts ultimately, that bigger picture outside of the silo they are in, becomes visible. That is what should drive decisions – but sometimes collaboration and cross-channel integration needs to be prompted and guided, particularly when it’s not one person handling both.

So, who is the Marketing Maestro in your organization?

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