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Q: How do I determine why my traffic has dropped in Google Analytics?

There may be times where, when looking at your website traffic in Google Analytics, a clear spike, or conversely, a drastic drop has occurred. Following are 5 ways to identify what could have happened.

  1. Verify that the Google Analytics Tracking Code is still installed on your website. Oftentimes, when developers are working on system upgrades, or a site refresh has taken place, the tracking code is erroneously removed.
  2. Study the All Traffic > Source/Medium report in the Acquisition section of Google Analytics to identify where the traffic drop may have transpired. (Perhaps your Paid Search campaigns were paused?)
  3. Compare your traffic to a previous period to see if this is a pattern and is nothing to be concerned about.
  4. Examine your data utilizing the Absolute Change sort type to look at the biggest increases in traffic and biggest decreases in traffic over time.
  5. Check to see if any filters were applied as these affect traffic data.
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