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With the end of summer here, families have wrapped up the last of the vacations and have gotten their little ones ready for school. Online advertising, not surprisingly, tends to be slower this part of the year than other parts of the year. For our clients, MoreVisibility has been behind the scenes diligently preparing and testing new strategies to increase reach and quality of potential customers going into the Fall season.

One specific strategy that we have tested with a handful of our brands is called Custom Affinity Targeting in the Google Display Network. This kind of targeting allows you reach an audience who tends to have the similar browsing behavior as your targeted audience. For example, if an advertiser wants to target users who may be looking to buy a house or is in the process of purchasing one, they can create a custom affinity audience in Google that includes URLs of moving and real estate companies in addition to including users who have a specific interest of “moving.” Below is a screenshot of this example audience. Google will show you the amount of possible cookies to target, a list of top website topics & some demographic information you may be able to leverage with this audience

Custom Affinity Targeting in Google

To begin testing, we wanted to compare a usual performer for us which is contextual targeting vs a custom affinity audience for one month. We saw the custom affinity targeting outperform the other in relation to clicks to the website & average CPC. See below:

Contextual Targeting vs Custom Affinity Targeting in Google

With a -70% difference in cost-per-click and a +48.5% difference in click-through rate for Display we saw that we were on the right track of targeting the right users at a lower cost for this effort.

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