MoreVisibility’s Client Summit at Google New York



Last week, the MoreVisibility team returned to Google’s offices in New York to host our 3rd, by invitation-only, Client Summit.

Client partners from the tri-state area arrived at Google in the morning for breakfast and the half-day event which focused on 360° of Success with Google: Maximizing Your Google Toolbox.

Our keynote speaker, Tim Reis, Director, Performance Solutions Activation at Google, kicked off the day challenging the group to step away from what is known and comfortable; to think differently and disruptively like Netflix and Airbnb did not so long ago.

The rest of the day included the following breakout sessions:

  • Using Analytics to Understand Your Digital Success: An overview of how to use this powerful tool to measure performance, attribute it to the correct marketing source and make data-driven business decisions (such as budget reallocations.)
  • The Funnel: Why Every Digital Moment Matters: The decision-making process is more complex than ever; users perform in-depth research and consider at least four brands. How does your organization ensure that they are part of that consideration set?
  • Mobile Breakout: With over 60% of searches occurring on mobile devices, the experience on your website has a direct impact on your business. This presentation reviewed trends, best practices and tools to support a mobile optimized website.
  • Content Marketing: How to get started with one of the most effective, yet difficult-to-execute, search engine optimization strategies. From developing the customer persona strategy, to producing the content and tracking its performance.

We concluded our event with full-panel discussions, a networking session and for a lucky few, lunch in the Google office and a tour of their offices.

Interested in attending a MoreVisibility event? We love getting on the road to host these events in various cities. Please contact your Client Strategist for more information.

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