SEO And The Power Of One



We all have learned that there are a number of components to achieving and maintaining strong Organic rankings. The factors have evolved over time, and become more complex, but at the same time a path exists to attaining a meaningful Natural presence in the search results.

It’s a given that if structural issues are impeding the ability of search engines to crawl a website, any content creation benefits will be muted, so everything I’m about to mention rests on the assumption that site foundation is SEO sound.

One of the big misconceptions of SEO is that Google, Bing, etc. rate your site as a whole, which then impacts how pages rank in the search results. Clearly the sum is greater than the parts when branding, social media and inbound likes are factored in, but what should also be remembered is that each page has its own unique opportunity to rank well for a particular keyword if the page effectively conveys its message.

A page that robustly covers a keyword has a few characteristics including:

  • Tightly themed
  • Keyword rich (4% density approximately)
  • Updated often
  • Comprised of multiple forms of content (words, images, infographics, embedded videos, etc.)

So, while there are lot of things to focus on when marketing a website and trying to drive qualified traffic, the page itself sometimes gets lost in the shuffle and deprioritized. Treat the page as importantly as your Facebook postings and you will see an improvement in your rankings and qualified visitors.

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