January 2016 Newsletter

Website Redesign Planning: Quick Start Guide

Redesigning a website or building a new one from scratch is a big undertaking, but it’s a lot easier if you have the right roadmap. This quick start guide outlines five straightforward steps to help you customize your own website redesign plan

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Andrew Wetzler


For as much progress as we (digital marketers) have made over the past 15+ years with respect to earning our seat at the marketing budget table, we still face adversity when the results are incomplete, particularly in industries where traditional media is the longstanding norm, regardless of whether those channels are measurable and whether they actually work or not.

Max Braglia


I get asked a lot about the value of paid display campaigns when sales or lead generation are the primary goals of the advertising efforts. After all, as the objection goes, “why waste advertising dollars on banner ads when paid search is so effective in reaching an audience right at the time when they enter a search that matches the product or services offered?”

Charity Stebbins


No one will discount the importance of having a strong traditional homepage, but let’s not forget that most of our customers first experience our brand on third party sites and through content marketing.

Theo Bennett


Q: What is “referral spam” and how can I remove it from my reports in Google Analytics?

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