Amplify Reach and Increase ROI with These 3 Upcoming AdWords Features



In this ever-changing digital world, advertisers need to keep up or risk falling behind. According to Google, there are now more searches on mobile than on desktop, and half of all web traffic comes from smartphones & tablets. As Google puts it, "The shift to mobile is no longer a change on the horizon. It's here."

To help advertisers adapt and thrive in this "new" digital world, Google recently announced a few new features of its AdWords advertising platform at the same time making very clear that, moving forward, key optimizations to their powerful platform are going to be mobile-centric. Let's examine three upcoming AdWords features that have the potential to help you, as an advertiser, to amplify reach and ultimately increase ROI.

1) Increase CTR and Conversions with Expanded Text Ads
Developed to maximize the mobile experience, these new text ad units stand out with two headlines of 30 characters each, and a longer 80 character description line. That's almost 50% more text than regular search ads, meaning that advertisers can showcase more information about their products and services. It's not surprising that preliminary tests run by Google are showing up to 20% click-through rate uplift over existing regular text ads. Labeled by Google as "the biggest changes to our text ads since AdWords launched fifteen years ago," this new format is expected to be fully launched as the new de-facto format by the end of this year.

Google AdWords Expanded Text Ads - Before & After

2) Reach More Potential Customers with Responsive Ads for Display
Native ads, defined as "a type of ad that matches the form and function of the webpage upon which it appears," are viewed, according to Google, 53% more often than banner ads. For this reason, Google decided to embrace the "native experience" by announcing "Responsive Ads for Display," a new display ad unit that automatically resizes and adjusts to the look and feel of the content of the webpage on which it is served. All advertisers have to do is provide a headline, description, image and URL, and the ads are built dynamically by Google to integrate into the flow of the pages consumers are browsing.

Google AdWords Local Search Ads

3) Hyper-Localize Your Reach with Local Search Ads
According to Google, nearly one third of all mobile searches are related to location, and local searches are growing 50% faster than mobile searches overall. To help advertisers take advantage of this trend, Google announced Local Search Ads, which will enable advertisers using location extensions to showcase their business locations when consumers search for things such as "electronics store" or "restaurant near me" on their mobile devices. But that's not all, as Google also announced Promoted Pins, which are eligible to show on Google Maps without a user-initiated search, offering the ultimate hyper-local brand experience.

Google AdWords Responsive Display Ads

In conclusion, these new upcoming AdWords features represent new exciting opportunities for advertisers to amplify their reach and ROI in both search and display using the powerful and ever-evolving Google AdWords advertising platform. To learn more about how we can help your business take advantage of these new, exciting opportunities, contact one of the qualified Marketing Professionals at MoreVisibility.

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