Commit To Mobile…It’s Time Already



The title is a bit deceiving as I believe most marketers have come to accept the reality that non-desktop traffic is the future of their new business opportunities. That said, acceptance is one thing and crafting a strategy to adapt your message and objectives accordingly are quite another.

A starting point for the discussion would be to figure out the percentage of your current site traffic that is emanating from a mobile device. I’ll hypothecate that it’s 50% or greater. A few other questions to consider:

  • How does your mobile conversion rate compare to desktop; a channel that you’ve had years to fine-tune?
  • Is your site Responsive?
  • Are your paid digital marketing campaigns optimized for mobile?
  • Can you identify a need of your customers that could be best solved via a mobile app?

We’re all incredibly early in the mobile learning curve. Some know more than others, but that largely correlates to the amount of time that’s been dedicated thus far. Now is the time to invest to insure that all of your digital properties and efforts are as aligned as possible for mobile.

Also in this month’s newsletter is an update on how Google AdWords is evolving and placing a heavier emphasis on the mobile experience. Please read this article to learn more.

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