June 2016 Newsletter

Website Redesign Planning: Quick Start Guide

Redesigning a website or building a new one from scratch is a big undertaking, but it’s a lot easier if you have the right roadmap. This quick start guide outlines five straightforward steps to help you customize your own website redesign plan

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Andrew Wetzler


Most digital marketers have (or should have) an intimate understanding of their website. I’m not suggesting that they possess an in-depth knowledge of the technical aspects, although that can be helpful, but rather a keen sense of their sites’ strengths and weaknesses and whether the sites do an effective job at driving engagement or conversions.

Danielle Leitch


Google has some great (free) tools for marketers and analysts to leverage in their decision-making process. Google Trends houses a mass amount of data, open to the public, offering insights into search behavior and topics trending on the Google platform.

Andrea Hamilton


There’s no question that remarketing works! Most marketers are familiar with Remarketing via Search, but what about Remarketing powered by Google Analytics?

Khrysti Nazzaro


Q: Given the level of detail available in Google Search Console, do you have any tips of what data to focus on?

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