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Q: Given the level of detail available in Google Search Console, do you have any tips of what data to focus on?

Depending on your role within your organization you’ll want to look at different reports. Following are 4 reports that may be of interest to you.

1. Messages: Here you can see “at a glance” any general alerts or notifications regarding your website. Some may be actionable, others are not; so review them with that in mind.

2. Index Status Report: This will show you the amount of pages Google is aware of and indexing from your website. You can use this information to monitor for anomalies / changes and get a general sense of the health of your website’s crawlability.

3. Search Analytics Report: Want to gain insights into Organic Keywords you’re ranking for, that are driving queries, impressions and clicks? This report is perfect for bridging the gaps of “not provided” in Analytics.

4. HTML Improvements Report: This report will give you information on the uniqueness and formatting of your Description and Title tags.

Google Search Console is rife with a lot of very useful data. Before you make any site changes, however, it’s important you consult with a knowledgeable SEO specialist to ensure you’re reading the reports correctly

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