Love Your Website, Then Your Customers Will



Most digital marketers have (or should have) an intimate understanding of their website. I’m not suggesting that they possess an in-depth knowledge of the technical aspects, although that can be helpful, but rather a keen sense of their sites’ strengths and weaknesses and whether the sites do an effective job at driving engagement or conversions.

Walk into any retail store, speak to the owner / manager and they’ll surely be able to tell you things that are issues within the store. Whether it’s the lighting on certain displays, the leak in the bathroom or that the software on the cash registers is slow, pain points are a hassle and costly.

A chief short-term advantage actual stores have over the web and ecommerce is that if the customer is already in the store and predisposed to make a purchase, the odds of them leaving as a result of a slow line to pay or some other nuisance issue is low compared to the cart abandonment issues that many digital marketers encounter. Longer term, the customer may never visit the physical store again if their experience wasn’t favorable.

The best digital marketers maintain a continual focus on identifying and addressing their sites’ pain points. Whether it’s aesthetic issues, inaccurate content or sales path / ecommerce hiccups, there is always work to be done. Invest the time and resources to improve the website, and the long-term results will greatly outweigh the effort.

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