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Google Analytics Multi-Channel Funnels

Google Analytics' Multi-Channel Funnels: A Beginner’s Guide to Conversion Attribution

In today’s multi-channel, multi-device world, it has become increasingly difficult for online marketers to identify where conversions come, how long it takes for a user to convert, and which channels play a role in the conversion process.

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Andrew Wetzler - President


In the olden days of marketing, content consisted of a printed brochure and evolved to things like videos saved onto cd’s that could be mailed out or handed to prospects.

Danielle Leitch - Executive Vice President


I am still surprised at the number of marketers I meet who don't realize the depth and breadth of information available to them through Analytics.

Max Braglia - Manager of Interactive Advertising


Gmail Ads, formerly known as Gmail Sponsored Promotions, are a powerful way to target users based on their Gmail account activity. Google uses search queries and clicks, Google Profile, and other Google Account information to show users’ relevant text, images and video ads directly in their Gmail inboxes.

Chris Naff - Social Media Specialist


Q: How can I improve my brand’s Organic reach in Facebook?

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