May 2016 Newsletter

How to Create an Effective Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital Marketing is constantly becoming more targeted and the products available get more detailed in terms of targeting. The digital landscape has changed from a few search engines and display networks to now include Social Media platforms, internet radio, video, algorithmic buying, and more. With all of these options available, how can a business decide what is right for them and which channels will be most effective?

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Andrew Wetzler


I was once involved in a project (pre-MoreVisibility) in the automotive industry where the goal was to help sales people generate more leads and ultimately sell more vehicles. The owners of the dealerships (there were eight of them) were committed to doing anything possible that could help his sales team be increasingly successful.

Jaclyn Robledo


Paid Search has been the primary ad unit for direct response advertising over the past decade plus because advertisers can see immediate ROI when users convert via a form, phone call or a visit to their business. Because our world today is filled with multiple devices, advertisers are scrambling to find better ways to stay in touch with their audience.

Chris Naff


Q: Should My Brand Be On Snapchat?

Case Study

Becker’s School Supplies sees 145% Brand Engagement Lift with Custom Social Media Strategy from MoreVisibility

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