Paid Search: It’s Only a Piece of the Puzzle



Paid Search has been the primary ad unit for direct response advertising over the past decade plus because advertisers can see immediate ROI when users convert via a form, phone call or a visit to their business. Because our world today is filled with multiple devices, advertisers are scrambling to find better ways to stay in touch with their audience.

See the family below. I’m sure their behavior resonates with yours and others across the country. Dad is looking at the final scores from last night’s NBA semi-finals, mom is searching for a dinner recipe on her favorite website, and the kids are most likely on social media or gaming. Wherever this family is across the web, if you’re not expanding your efforts in other channels, you are missing out on reaching them.

Family of Four on Mobile Devices

So how exactly do advertisers solve this issue?

Here’s how: Build your brand and offer an opportunity to convert at EVERY touch point. Although super essential to immediate ROI, Paid Search shouldn’t be the only game in town. You need TOTAL saturation!

Total Saturation Multi-Channel Purchasing Funnel

So let’s talk about the strategies in this funnel:

  • Support Channels for Content Distribution: Diversify your plan and use other advertising channels to support your ultimate goals with creating a content distribution strategy. Utilize media buys and social media strategies to build credibility with your brand and strategically distribute your content.
  • Online Radio: Users are spending more and more time listening to music throughout their day. This is a fantastic ad unit to target users with display and audio ads in various Geos.
  • Social Media Advertising: Social media is becoming more sophisticated in its targeting on all channels. Users may not be searching for your brand in social media, but your brand should be there to “remind” them of their need.
  • Display: Programmatic is growing and becoming more targeted. These artificial intelligence programs employ big data, understand user behavior & target the most qualified users based on specific business goals.
  • Remarketing: One phrase comes to mind – “Brand Loyalty.” What’s great about this ad unit, is that it can be employed throughout the Total Saturation funnel in almost every channel.
  • Call Tracking: When users call your business, they’re considered a more qualified prospect, so take advantage of tracking phone calls to understand ROI. There are numerous call tracking vendors that offer sophisticated tracking across the web.
  • Paid Search: This is the immediate ROI. Because you’ve utilized diverse channels, users will be more inclined to search for your brand. You should be there when they search.

Very IMPORTANT: In order to expand your brand in any channel, you must have a website with an optimal user experience – i.e., Responsive – and there should be an opportunity to convert on every page.

When evaluating channels other than Paid Search, don’t go at it alone. Your managing agency will help you approach each with a comprehensive strategy that will include timing and budget that correlate to your business goals.

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