2016 Google Partner Summit



This past week I had the privilege to attend an awesome event in San Francisco, CA, hosted by Google. The first day, I was honored to be 1 of 22 Agency Executives invited to a small, focused leadership meeting. We had a great guest speaker share the importance of storytelling, and how metaphors play an important role in the persuasion process. Some very interesting concepts about cognitive recall and brain processing – both of which drive the response to your Elevator Pitch (opening statement or first 30 seconds.)

In the second day, I was joined by hundreds of agency marketers from across the globe, to experience Google's Partner Summit. The day was filled with valuable content and insights for accelerating your agency and driving better results. Of course it wouldn't be a Google event if they didn't announce new products and features. Although under NDA, the one I can discuss is DreamTime. This is Google's entry into Augmented Reality and will seriously impact how we think about video. In particular, 360° video.

Thanks for the hospitality, Google!
… and thank you to my agency peers who shared and collaborated among one another, for the good of our industry.

MoreVisibility’s Danielle Leitch at the 2016 Google Partner Summit in San Franciso, CA.
2016 Google Partner Summit badge
2016 Google Partner Summit speakers in front of the world’s largest digital screen
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