Just When You Think Digital Marketing Is Getting Boring, It Evolves Again



As we begin our 17th year, I want to reflect momentarily on the crazy amount of change that marketers have experienced since the early days of the Internet and how the tactics used have become so much more exacting.

I sometimes look back at the newsletter articles we’ve written over the years and the webinars we’ve provided to keep a bit of perspective on how our business (and the industry) has evolved.

Here are a few observations:

  • Keywords (broad vs. narrow) can be much more closely associated with different stages in a purchasing cycle (sales funnel) and as a result it’s becoming increasingly possible to align the message to the keyword, particularly with paid search initiatives. Thus, investing time in keyword data research is more important than ever. Moreover, through dynamic remarketing, it’s possible to immediately “remarket” to someone the product or service that they were just looking at on your website.
  • Analytics has become more precise, user friendly and insightful. If installed properly and customized, the insights that can be gleaned are tremendous. The ability to shuffle keywords, adjust the advertising mix and monitor performance is dramatically improved to the point that ROI for funds invested can be significantly greater than ever before.
  • Mobile is no longer a theoretical concept. It is the bedrock of everything that will occur moving forward. If you haven’t taken the time to seriously review (and more often create) a mobile strategy, then you are waaay behind schedule.

We look forward to continuing to guide our clients through the ever-changing world of digital marketing. Please give us a ring at any time if you’d like to discuss.

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