New Marketing Evolves With Traditional at The DMA’s Annual Convention



This past week the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) held its annual conference at the Los Angeles Convention Center.  MoreVisibility was a Silver sponsor of the event.

This year's conference included presentations from marketers you'd expect to hear from, like MoreVisibility's EVP, Danielle Leitch who spoke about the increasing significance of personalizing your message to individuals across devices and some of the newest tools and channels that make this increasingly attractive to marketers.  

Vernon Wharff, Product Marketing Manager from Twitter, conveyed a similar theme. Wharff shared insights on how Twitter is allowing much greater personalization of ads on their platform and enabling broader reach through audience targeting.

One of the most exciting and timely developments came from the DMA itself as they unveiled their… Initiative to Develop Standards for “Next Gen” Data Use in Marketing.

From “old school” telemarketing and catalog lists to everything happening today, the DMA’s mission continues to be to ensure that as data collection and use continues to evolve, it’s done in a manner that protects individual consumers while also being viable for businesses. Details can be found here:

Next year’s conference will be in New Orleans and early registration has begun!

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