Twitter Advertising: All the Cool Kids Are Doing It


Twitter booth at DMA &THEN 2016 Conference

Advertising options in Twitter aren't new, but the possibilities have expanded dramatically in the past few months. What was originally just a way to promote your handle/account or tweet so non-followers would see it, has become a dynamic and very targeted as platform.

Earlier this week in Los Angeles, California, I attended the DMA annual event, &Then 2016. What stood out to me here (versus the many other Digital Marketing conferences I attend), was Twitter’s very prominent Exhibit Hall set-up and numerous speaking sessions. This may be to better position and promote the advertising options that are now available to marketers. (Also, the visibility doesn't hurt as they look for a viable suitor, given recent speculation around an acquisition/sale.)

If you haven't looked into the various ways to leverage Twitter to reach your target audience, I'd suggest you take a look. The advertising interface is relatively easy to use, and although not easy to find, their reporting is thorough, particularly if you use their tracking pixel for additional insights (conversions) and marketing possibilities (dynamic product remarketing.)

The team at MoreVisibility has used Twitter for many of our clients, but I caution it isn't viable for all companies. If this isn't your target audiences’ comfort zone, or if you don't actively manage the Twitter handle for your company (organic social content and responsive channel engagement) – you may want to pass.

Have a good @twitter advertising success story? Tell us, @MoreVisibility, or let us know you're interested to have one so we can develop it for you!

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