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Q: How should I use Quality Score to help with the optimization of AdWords campaigns?

Oftentimes we find that advertisers struggle to connect the value that the AdWords Quality Score tool provides with ROI and campaign performance, thus making it difficult to obtain actionable take-aways in order to optimize online marketing campaigns.

First, we must understand that the AdWords Quality Score tool is simply a diagnostic tool that advises as to the health of campaign ads and keywords, such as:

  1. Ad Relevance: How closely your ad matches the intent behind a user’s search.
  2. Expected CTR (Click-through Rate): The likelihood that your ad will be clicked.
  3. Landing Page Experience: How relevant, transparent, and easy to navigate your page is for users.

By continuously monitoring your Quality Score status in the AdWords interface, and taking appropriate action, you’ll be able to better match the keywords you’re bidding on, make your ads more compelling, and optimize the overall experience for your users.

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