Google Seminar in Orlando, FL: Reach. Engage. Convert.



In a room filled with savvy digital marketers and executives, both the MoreVisibility and Google teams delivered valuable content during an action-packed 3-hour session. With a focus on how to Reach, Engage and Convert your customers, the panel walked advertisers through the importance of each stage of the consumer journey, or sales funnel. An emphasis was placed on SEO and SEM tactics, while incorporating the importance of data measurement and tracking via Analytics.

For those unable to attend, here are a few of the highlights:

  • Top of funnel visibility is critical for branding, awareness and initiation of customers’ research.
  • For paid advertising opportunities, although display or banner ads is an obvious choice, also consider YouTube video ads, as well as Dynamic Search targeting, which is a great option for companies with substantial blog content on their website.
  • Within your Organic Search strategy, think about targeting content towards keywords that would initiate a search. These may not be your core keywords for the website, so look to building niche and unique content that will engage the user, while having CTAs (Calls to Action) onsite that will drive the visitor down the funnel further.
  • Through the use of Multi-Channel Funnels in Google Analytics (GA), you can evaluate the true value of how your upper funnel efforts are "assisting" in the conversion process. Typically in the GA platform, it is last click attribution (click that directly leads to a goal) and oftentimes these top-of-funnel tactics will not be a direct driver. Analyze your data and campaign/channel performance fairly by understanding the journey it took to convert.
  • Bottom of Funnel will always be a main focus for advertisers, but consider options for a competitive advantage in this area.
  • If set-up correctly, Remarketing tactics can be a major driver of conversions in a very ROI-centric way. Leveraging additional user behavior information found within Google Analytics, can supercharge these efforts!
  • Although SEO should be a consideration for your content and site structure, don't forget about User Experience. Balancing efforts between both of these, will exponentially increase conversions. It can't just be about ranking or traffic to grow your business.
  • Ensure all of the links you are using in marketing campaigns have been properly tagged for analytics. Without this important information, your performance data will be skewed and improper credit will be given to traffic and/or conversions.

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