Predict Your Website’s Current & Future Success By Answering These 3 Questions



We all want our websites to do wonderful things for our business. We want to reap the potential that we visualize, that is often elusive to monetize. Consider the following questions to help bridge the gap to a successful outcome.

  1. Does your website show up well and drive qualified Organic traffic?
    Being well-positioned in the Natural results and consistently driving (no cost) visitors whose quality meet or exceed paid visitors is vital to the overall profitability of your website. If SEO hasn’t historically been a priority, it’s time to re-visit and (if necessary) redirect some of your paid advertising resources toward SEO, content creation etc.
  2. Are you investing paid search dollars into branding as well as keywords?
    It’s convenient to think that it’s not necessary to spend part of your budget on branded keywords, particularly when they are likely ranking just below in the Organic listings. However, closer inspection will show that your competitors are likely bidding on your branded terms, so you should certainly be there as well. Furthermore, the cost for your branded keywords shouldn’t be too high, relative to your more competitive industry terms.
  3. Do you spend time experimenting within your conversion funnel to increase the percentage of visitors who take your desired action step(s)?
    In the olden days of direct marketing, it was much more costly and time consuming to change an offer or modify a call to action. Things were printed on paper and thus it wasn’t easy (or inexpensive) to modify based on performance. With Digital Marketing, everything is a variable that can be tweaked to boost performance.

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