April 2017 Newsletter

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Who Really Has Time for SEO? Aligning Internal Teams for Success at a B2B Organization

In this C3 Virtual 2017 session, Matt Crowley, Director of Optimized Services, discusses how B2B organizations can achieve alignment on their SEO and Content strategy.

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Andrew Wetzler


MoreVisibility held an educational event at Google’s Washington, D.C. office last week to a small grouping of clients and specially invited businesses. It was our first event at this Google office and a unique opportunity to spend a few hours gaining a glimpse of what’s new and performing well in digital marketing today.

Danielle Leitch


The team from MoreVisibility had a fantastic opportunity last week visiting our nation’s capital. We were proud to cohost a digital marketing workshop with our valued partner, Google. The event was held at the Google office in Washington D.C., and we were joined by clients (and some “soon to be clients”, we hope!) from all around the Mid-Atlantic region.

Charlie Scholz


Facebook has been the clear leader in advertising to an audience on a social network since they first launched their self-service ads platform in 2007. This certainly can be attributed to the volume of daily Facebook users (1.23 billion average daily active users as of Dec. 2016*), but a lot of advertising success on Facebook comes from the creative options available within the platform.

Jaclyn Robledo


Q: There have been so many updates in Google (for advertising), I’m not sure what to focus on first. What should I do?

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