MoreVisibility Goes to Washington & Thoughts on the “Go Local” Dilemma



Welcome to our April newsletter and hoping your first quarter was an exceptional one.

MoreVisibility held an educational event at Google’s Washington, D.C. office last week to a small grouping of clients and specially invited businesses. It was our first event at this Google office and a unique opportunity to spend a few hours gaining a glimpse of what’s new and performing well in digital marketing today.

The theme of the event was personalization and the importance of both tailoring your message to the unique person you are intending to reach as well as being able to identify an individual across devices as they meander towards a conversion.

Highlights included:

  • Ensure your website and all of your marketing initiatives are correctly tagged in Google Analytics so that cross-device tracking is possible.
  • Experiment with new channels and tactics that will allow you to market to audiences that have characteristics that mirror your ideal customers. One tactic shared was Gmail sponsored listings that appear atop someone’s inbox and the ability the Gmail sponsored listings present to engage with highly targeted individuals. Several new programs are designed to boost the relevancy of the message and that are still in beta were discussed.

Google DC Event

“Go Local?”

A question that marketers often grapple with is the value gained by working with a local digital marketing firm versus one that is not. Interestingly MoreVisibility's client base is roughly 25% local and 75% (across the country and international). My opinion is that if you’re a Florida based company, then the advantages of working locally are significant and if you’re anywhere else, then it’s not an issue whatsoever.

All kidding aside, while we relish the opportunity to be in the same room with our local clients and travel extensively to spend time with others, the key to a highly successful, long lasting partnership is a deeply knowledgeable team, intelligent processes and effective ongoing communication.

When vetting a firm to work with, I encourage you to focus more on client references, the quality of educational content being produced along with an ability to tailor their approach to your specific circumstances rather than their geographical proximity to your office.

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