The Possibilities of Facebook Ad Creative



Facebook has been the clear leader in advertising to an audience on a social network since they first launched their self-service ads platform in 2007. This certainly can be attributed to the volume of daily Facebook users (1.23 billion average daily active users as of Dec. 2016*), but a lot of advertising success on Facebook comes from the creative options available within the platform. Facebook is constantly updating their product offering to allow advertisers to be more creative and reach users in an engaging way on the devices they are using.

So, what are the possibilities of Facebook creative right now? See below for their current offering.

Facebook Ad Creative - Infographic

For more information on all available ad types, you can visit Facebook or explore the creative hub to mockup your own ad units and find examples of each type. You can also reach out and connect with the Facebook experts on MoreVisibility’s Interactive Advertising team for any questions or campaign help.


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