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Our Sr. Director of Optimized Services, Matt Crowley, recently published a comprehensive description on Google Posts, and how they differ from Google Plus. I thought it valuable to touch on the highlights here.

  • Google Posts are text (100-300 words), an image, a link, possibly event information, and a call-to-action combined together in a card format, served along your brand’s information in Google. They are displayed to users immediately after you post them, just like a status update on Facebook. They will only be shown to users in Google who search for your branding and if your brand meets specific criteria.
  • The latest release of these posts are designed to be used for small businesses and organizations within certain categories currently, but Google hasn’t explicitly stated those categories yet. Google may roll it out to other organizations given that they introduced a beta program for the following types of organizations:

    • Museums
    • Sports Teams
    • Sports Leagues
    • Movies in the US
    • All of the above, plus Musicians in Brazil
  • To verify if your organization has this Google feature, log in to your Google My Business account and look for the “Posts” section in the side navigation. If you see it there, then your company is eligible.
  • Google Posts are one of the few options to quickly and directly control the branded search results of your organization. This is a huge benefit. After posting, they only take a few seconds to appear, and edits to your post occur just as quickly. This feature is essentially a real-time feed into the search results for your brand.

You can learn more about the process of actually creating/editing a Google Post, as well as examples of use cases, by visiting our SEO Blog.

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