December 2017 Newsletter

How Effective Is Your Digital Marketing Strategy?

If you want to increase your Digital Marketing ROI in 2018, you need a solid plan.

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Andrew Wetzler


It’s not always easy to assess the degree to which your digital marketing efforts are successful. There are simple metrics to consider, such as whether your revenue increased or whether your efforts turned a profit, but in an attempt to make 2018 as successful as possible, it’s important to dig beneath the surface a bit and examine some of the fundamentals of your programs.

Danielle Leitch


A few times a year, in different areas of the U.S., we invite our clients to participate alongside our team, in an educational workshop with Google. Last week, this event was held at the Googleplex (the building takes up an entire NYC Avenue and Street!) in downtown Manhattan, New York.

Natalia Joyce


A new year is about to start, and with that comes that euphoric feeling of a new beginning. The air is filled with hope and excitement about all new things to come – a fresh slate. This is the perfect time to reset and refocus.

Jason Brewster


Q: What should I keep in mind (regarding Google Analytics) when migrating my website to a secure HTTPS version?

Eye on Digital Marketing Podcast Episode 10
Strategies for Non-Profit Digital Marketing

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