Google NYC – December 2017 MoreVisibility Client Summit



A few times a year, in different areas of the U.S., we invite our clients to participate alongside our team, in an educational workshop with Google. Last week, this event was held at the Googleplex (the building takes up an entire NYC Avenue and Street!) in downtown Manhattan, New York.

The theme of this Summit was focused around Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) within the digital advertising realm. Both of these are hot topics in our industry and MoreVisibility tapped into the brain trust at Google to help educate and explore various applications for our clients.

Tim Reis from Google was our Keynote speaker and kept the audience laughing, while explaining the differences between AI and ML. Everyone left his session feeling inspired and challenged, which is always the sign of a successful presentation.

A few key takeaways from our SEO and Google Advertising breakout sessions – with that same theme – are:

  1. Leverage the ML tools and automation available within AdWords to save time and allow the technology to takeover.
  2. Voice search is growing exponentially and will only increase through future device rollouts by Google and Apple. Think about your company’s ability to capitalize, and stay competitive, in this area.
  3. With AI and ML helping to process search queries and return even more personalized results, the need to push advertisers to think more granularly in their keyword targeting and optimization efforts is critical.

Interested to attend one of these forums in the future? Let’s talk!

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