Ideas to Evaluate Your 2017 Digital Marketing Performance and Prepare for 2018



It’s not always easy to assess the degree to which your digital marketing efforts are successful. There are simple metrics to consider, such as whether your revenue increased or whether your efforts turned a profit, but in an attempt to make 2018 as successful as possible, it’s important to dig beneath the surface a bit and examine some of the fundamentals of your programs.

Here are a few areas to take a closer look at (in no particular order):

  • Besides looking at the profitability of your paid campaigns in terms of dollars spent vs. revenue achieved, run an additional calculation that accounts for the long-term value of a newly acquired customer. That data may shed an entirely new light on the effectiveness of your campaigns and may change the dynamic of what you’re willing to invest up front to drive new customers.
  • Site speed is an old topic, but an increasingly important one in terms of rankings (both Organic and Paid). If Google considers your site too slow to load, then there is a strong likelihood that your average positions in the search results will diminish and your acquisition cost will be higher than it needs to be. Furthermore, if your site lags, your bounce rate is apt to be out of line as well.
  • Do you own your branded search? These keywords should be your low hanging fruit conversions. Make sure that you aren’t being out-bid or out-positioned on your important branded key terms. There’s no excuse for your competitors to be able to steal away these conversions.
  • Mystery shop yourself. Solicit a friend or hire a company to kick the tires of your entire sales process to find weak links, dropped balls, etc. Oftentimes, an easy fix is right there if you are willing to look for it.

2017 was a great year for MoreVisibility and we’re incredibly excited for 2018. Lots of new opportunities on the horizon to enhance performance for our clients.

Please reach out at any time if you’d like to discuss your 2018 plans. Hoping you have a fantastic holiday season and new year!

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