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Q: Do you have any suggestions for creating an optimal keyword strategy for SEO?

Yes! Keywords are a fundamental building block for SEO. If you want to maximize your Organic keyword strategy for the most potential success, there’s a variety of things you should consider.

  • How’s your current Organic presence – and for what keywords are you ranking? Check out Google Search Console for more information.
  • Do you have a well-defined Content Strategy with clear mapping of Personas / Audiences? If not, start there. If so, use that compilation of content needs to inform your keyword strategy.
  • Conduct SEO Keyword research with free or paid tools:

    • Start with a wide net of options to collect data on
    • Evaluate:

      • Relevance
      • Competition
      • Potential search volume (popularity)
      • Content you have vs. what you need to create
  • Select your keywords and implement a prioritized plan for targeting:

    • Low-Hanging fruit is adjusting targeting for content you already have
    • More resource intensive is creating useful, new content

Not sure where to get started with keyword targeting or how to do it? Check out this webinar: Beyond Meta Tags: SEO Keyword Research and Content Optimization to learn more.

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