Content Production: Top 5 Tips to Get Started



We all have heard how important Content Marketing is for overall web marketing visibility and success, yet why do so few organizations capitalize on it? One of the biggest roadblocks our agency has identified, is that most companies do not have a clear strategy, with reasonable expectations outlined, nor the required resources necessary to achieving success.

The Struggle is Real

So, once the right strategy is defined, along with the KPI’s for how to measure success … There is one critical thing which remains: Execution and implementation! This can also be a major obstacle for an organization, so make sure to have the proper resources are set aside internally (or source a reputable agency). This person(s) should have an editorial or writing background, preferably digital experience with SEO knowledge, who clearly understands the strategy and goal outlined.

Next up: Content Production! Here are 5 tips to jumpstart the process:

  1. Create a Content/Editorial calendar
  2. Define the proper Tone & Voice – which will vary by piece, channel, audience, etc.
  3. Determine an effective format for each piece of content being created (long or short form text, video, imagery, etc.).
  4. Ensure the content is “linkable” so that after reading it, people will want to engage further (comment, share or mention).
  5. Cross-promote the content for deeper saturation and better visibility, as well as maximizing your resources in this area.

By thinking of these important steps, for each content piece being created, your opportunity for success will increase. Of course, other considerations like User Experience and Mobile Friendliness should also be considered. Don’t give up on the process, carve out time every week for content development.  Otherwise, seek help! MoreVisibility offers a variety of content strategy and copywriting services, to do the work for you or help train your team.

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