What’s On Your Woulda Coulda Shoulda List?



We all know that there’s no such thing as always making the right decisions in business. It’s an iterative process and even the brightest minds have greater clarity with hindsight. Whether it’s the new field office that you opened which didn’t pan out, the pricing model you implemented that caused pushback from some of your best customers, or the change you made to the navigation of your website that caused confusion, decreased conversions and skyrocketed your bounce rate, there are opportunities to learn and refine your approach, although sometimes it can be quite costly.

One of the greatest attributes of digital marketing is that your Woulda Coulda Shoulda List is typically a lot easier to revisit and act upon (at a much lower cost) than closing the underperforming office across the country.

It’s true that changing certain aspects of your digital efforts will be costlier than others. For instance, re-platforming a website can be an expensive and time intensive effort, but if the platform previously selected is falling short of expectations and limiting the website’s revenue generating potential, then it still may be a worthwhile endeavor.

One area where this can be a particularly acute problem is when the (new) site is not constructed in an SEO-friendly manner. In this situation, the prospect of creating new content over the next couple of years (until you would normally consider redesigning the site) for a website that is not apt to reach its Organic potential due to structural limitations is particularly frustrating and negatively impactful to revenue growth.

If things are not working well within your digital marketing, they will almost never fix themselves. If your PPC campaigns are poorly designed or your Google Analytics data isn’t collecting properly, or leveraging the correct amount of customization, then these are issues that ought to be addressed as expeditiously as possible, even if it requires paying for a service for a second time. 

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