January 2017 Newsletter


Andrew Wetzler


It’s tempting to dismiss emails as a bothersome, old school tactic and thus shy away from employing them as an effective marketing tool for 2017. It’s true that most unsolicited emails are annoying, rarely relevant and inbox clogging. It’s also true that open and response rates, even for internally cultivated lists, continue to decline.

Charity Stebbins


Conductor’s survey of 387 marketing executives gives us a rare glimpse into how business leaders plan to succeed in 2017. The research reveals the channels that executives are most focused on, with Organic search notably taking both the #1 and #2 spots as top priorities in 2017.

Tony Fazzini


Q: What information is good to share between SEO & SEM Strategies?

Becker’s School Supplies Sees 145% Social Media Brand Engagement Lift with MoreVisibility Strategy

Seeking to increase online user engagement, Becker’s School Supplies, a distributor of early childhood learning materials and elementary school supplies, looked to MoreVisibility for a social media strategy.

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