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Q: What information is good to share between SEO & SEM Strategies?

There are a few considerations that should be kept in mind:

  • SEM can have a short term strategy and take advantage of spikes in search activity as well as seasonal or “hot” topics that may exist
  • SEO should utilize a long term strategy where keywords used in targeting should be properly researched and vetted before any decisions are made

That being said, it is good to share data between the team whenever there is a large scale opportunity on each side. If your SEM team is noticing certain terms gaining traction, it may be a good idea for your SEO Team to review. Even if they are not used, it’s good to know how the search landscape may be changing. Same goes for SEO, if that team is building out a lot of new content based on additional terms they feel our valuable, this is beneficial for your SEM Team to review and see if any of the content could have lead generation value.

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