Marketing Executives Reveal Their 2017 Marketing Strategy



Conductor’s survey of 387 marketing executives gives us a rare glimpse into how business leaders plan to succeed in 2017. The research reveals the channels that executives are most focused on, with Organic search notably taking both the #1 and #2 spots as top priorities in 2017.

This study also reveals a troubling trend: that while marketing executives will invest more in technology to accomplish their goals, the majority of marketing executives report they are “overwhelmed” by their data and struggle to find insight efficiently.

Check out the 2017 marketing executive survey for more insight into these findings:

  • “Organic Traffic” was the top performing channel in 2016 and will be the top priority of Marketing Executives in 2017
  • A third of execs will hire more SEO and content professionals in 2017
  • Over 80% of Marketing Executives are increasing focus on digital advertising, content marketing, and SEO in 2017
  • 70% of Marketing Executives will spend more on marketing technology in 2017
  • 53% say they feel “overwhelmed” by the amount of data in their marketing technologies
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