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Andrew Wetzler


I had the opportunity to visit two clients recently. One makes a physical product that has both b-b and b-c applications and the other modifies a b-b product that’s been built elsewhere. Both are highly specialized manufacturers that participate in very niche markets. I’ve toured facilities many times over the years and am always fascinated by what I learn.

Danielle Leitch


FINALLY!!! Released in a very limited rollout this week, LinkedIn has provided the opportunity to upload video native within the App. This means no more needing to upload to your website, blog, or YouTube first – the process has simplified to record and post in one step. This is a great addition for this social channel, which is one of the only to truly focus on the BtoB audience, but the last to add this feature.

Chuck Forbes


Search Engine Optimization and Paid Advertising departments are often split at marketing agencies, having specialists in each department working on their particular area of expertise. However, a knowledgeable agency will tell you despite these two departments being uniquely specialized, they should work in tandem to provide clients with the best results and insights for their program.

Max Braglia


Q: What is artificial intelligence and why, as a marketer, should I pay attention to it?

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