For Content Cultivation Ideas and SEO, Nothing Beats the Factory Floor



I had the opportunity to visit two clients recently. One makes a physical product that has both b-b and b-c applications and the other modifies a b-b product that’s been built elsewhere. Both are highly specialized manufacturers that participate in very niche markets. I’ve toured facilities many times over the years and am always fascinated by what I learn.

What these most recent experiences reminded me of is how interesting product development can be and how exacting the methods to produce something are. It got my head spinning that there were so many interesting aspects of the production process that would serve as excellent material for content production.

People who are interested in buying something often want to learn about the product. Google and the other search engines value information that helps educate buyers. The factory floor is incredibly fertile territory for content generation which is so helpful for SEO and ongoing Organic growth. It’s also ideal for all sorts of Social Media initiatives, including video, which is increasingly the content format of choice for many people.

If your business makes things and there’s an interesting story to tell, you have a path toward boosting your site’s importance in Google's eyes by pulling back the covers and explaining how things get created.  

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