LinkedIn News: Upload Video In-App & Awesome Analytics Data



FINALLY!!! Released in a very limited rollout this week, LinkedIn has provided the opportunity to upload video native within the App.  This means no more needing to upload to your website, blog, or YouTube first – the process has simplified to record and post in one step.  This is a great addition for this social channel, which is one of the only to truly focus on the BtoB audience, but the last to add this feature. (Sorry, but Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat aren’t all optimal professional platforms for B2B marketers.)

In the coming weeks, users will know once they have been given access to this feature, by noticing a small video icon in the update field. (Clicking on that icon will open up your cameras record feature.)  LinkedIn will allow up to 10 minutes of video footage to be recorded, in either horizontal or vertical mode.

Overall, across the web, video content engagement is high and continuing to grow.  Companies should think about creative opportunities to incorporate video into their LinkedIn Pages.  Consider options like; product demos, account team introductions, a snippet from a conference or training session, inside look at the culture of the organization, etc.  An awesome component of this new feature from LinkedIn, is the analytics they will make available.

LinkedIn Analyatics

As shown above (image from LinkedIn blog announcing the release), the channel will offer insightful details on video viewers. This should be a tremendous help to confirm or refine a corporate video content strategy.  

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