June 2017 Newsletter

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5 Reasons to Leverage Google Data Studio

One of Google’s more recent releases is Google Data Studio – a data visualization tool that’s free to all Google Accounts. Request this white paper to learn more.

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Andrew Wetzler


An interesting question to ponder is whether it’s better to work with a digital agency that focuses on numerous verticals versus companies that are narrower with their target customer base.

Danielle Leitch


If you are a Snapchat user, you may have noticed a new feature on the App called SnapMap. This Geo-location feature allows you to share your physical location with friends (more about preventing this below), as well as view where they are snapping from. It works off of your phone’s Location settings, which must be enabled before this feature can become active.

Max Braglia


If you have followed Google’s annual Marketing Next event, in which Google showcased the latest innovations in Google AdWords, Analytics and Double Click, you might have noticed the heavy emphasis placed on audience-based targeting.

Lisa Hutt


Q: I’m running search advertising to generate leads. Is it better to optimize my campaigns based on the volume of leads received or cost-per-lead? I want to be careful about paying too much for a lead.

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