I Got The Craziest Voicemail The Other Day



An interesting question to ponder is whether it’s better to work with a digital agency that focuses on numerous verticals versus companies that are narrower with their target customer base. 

There are successful consulting firms on both sides of the fence and certainly there are instances where deep product / industry knowledge is essential to being able to write ad copy and manage campaigns.

I would suggest however that the benefits of working with a firm that participates in multiple industries and with a wide spectrum of the digital channels provides a breadth of experiences that are invaluable. This not only includes deciding which channels and channel offerings to pursue and how to manage campaigns, but also how reporting is handled / customized.

This all brings me to the voicemail that I received the other day. It was from a lady who was difficult to understand and mentioned several services their firm offers including: bookkeeping, internet results, golf course management, client management, sponsorship and proofreading services.

While I’m a big believer in the notion that MoreVisibility and our clients are better served by our real world (and real-time) experience across many industries (both b-b and b-c), I must admit that the company this lady works for is spread a bit too thin.                                                                                  

Happy listening

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