Here’s How You Can Reach More Customers with Content



We’re nearly half way through 2017, meaning customers have searched online half a trillion times for solutions like yours.

Organic search drives about half of a site’s traffic on average, and most businesses report that organic converts better than other channels (15% better, according to many marketers). So which companies have brought in the most organic revenue so far in 2017? How do smaller companies outperform bigger brands in their space?

MoreVisibility’s partner, Conductor analyzed +150k search terms across +370MM searches for five verticals: insurance, finance, real estate, retail, and travel & hospitality to see top organic search performers and understand their strategies.

That’s a lot of data — and it revealed a lot of opportunities:

  • Search gives you insight into what content types will perform well in your industry. We found that for retail, it’s images and news articles. For finance, it’s videos. For insurance companies, interactive tools perform well.
  • You can make smart advertising and retargeting choices by seeing which publishers have high visibility in your vertical. In the report, we’ve shared which publications perform best.
  • Optimize your content with keyword variations. “Car insurance” and “auto insurance” may seem like identical topics, but Google shows different content for each. Check out the report to find searches you may not be actively targeting.

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