Voice Search: How Can Alexa Fit Into Your Business?



I have to admit, I wasn’t too interested in Alexa until recently.  Not to hurt her feelings, but the command-thing for songs, lights or weather just didn’t seem necessary to me.

That all changed recently, when our team approached me with some very creative brainstorming ideas on how to capitalize on the voice search functionality of this device.

What could be so meaningful to an organization that they would be willing to invest in development for this area?

Think about the possibilities surrounding data integration with third parties, querying information in a way that makes sense, and the various needs consumers (your customers) have for accessing content.  So many marketers have made 2017, and soon to be 2018, the year of Content.  What content has been or will be created within your organization that would fit into the voice search or voice command functionality for consumption by your target audiences?

MoreVisibility is currently developing several Amazon “skills”, think mobile apps but for Alexa usage, to connect consumers with interesting content via their Amazon devices. By requesting Alexa to retrieve information using a voice command that a company has programmed for users to recall that information through, it now opens the door for further content engagement and consumption. We are excited to share with you our progress and the ability to interact with MoreVisibility via Alexa, in future editions of our newsletter.

If you haven’t begun to think about ideas for your company to capitalize in this area, it’s likely a good conversation starter for the Marketing Dept.’s 2018 planning. Given the relevance to Google and Apple products, as well, voice search will be an increasingly important content marketing and revenue model to be considering.  Each of these hardware devices (and technology companies) will have their own set of protocols to follow for developers.  That will make time to market longer, and costs a bit higher, but it also reinforces the usage, demand and future growth for this mode of content consumption, purchasing and search.

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