Why MoreVisibility? 5 Ways That We’re Incredibly Unique



18 years into Digital Marketing and the founding of MoreVisibility and I still often find myself discussing our differentiating features from other companies.

  1. We consider ourselves much more of a “consulting firm” than an “agency”. Rather than focusing on spending media dollars, we take a more strategic approach to understanding objectives and crafting an approach. Quite often there’s meaningful work to be tackled to improve website / campaign performance before the ads start running.
  2. Client Strategists manage programs. They have a working knowledge of each of our specialty areas, but more importantly are excellent at maintaining a high degree of effectiveness and efficiency working hand in hand with our clients and internal specialists to identify and achieve desired results.

    Specialists tackle client initiatives that align with their training and expertise. MoreVisibility’s specialist teams include: SEO, SEM / Interactive marketing, Google Analytics, Design / Development, and Social Media. We respect the enormity of knowledge that each team possesses and the ongoing time that needs to be invested in order to stay at the leading edge.

  3. Transparency is everything. One of the common talking points with folks from organizations who leave another “agency” to begin working with us is that our reporting and data available are unparalleled. Using a combination of proprietary tools and industry leading 3rd party software, coupled with excellent training from our team, our clients always have a clear understanding of performance.
  4. Low employee turnover and high client retention. As we begin our 19th year, we’re fortunate to have so many team members who have either been with us since the beginning or have substantial tenure on the MoreVisibility team. Similarly, our client roster is weighted heavily to firms that have been with us for many years, including an impressive group who have been with us since the outset.
  5. We’re not afraid to say no. Sometimes projects or expectations don’t gel with reality in terms of timeframes our likely outcomes. We want to work with new clients, but not at the expense of turn-style relationship. If we don’t believe that a project can be a success, we will tell you. Most of our new opportunities emanate from referrals and we pride ourselves on that and the responsibility it signifies.

We’re doing great work helping companies boost their online profitability. Please reach out to me directly at any time if you’d like to learn more.

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