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Andrew Wetzler


I remember growing up as a kid in Baltimore and going to a bike shop called Princeton Sports. Its early location was in Pimlico, very near the famous horse racing track. The owner of the store, Sonny Davis would size you up and promptly figure out which bike was the right one for you.

Danielle Leitch


Both voice search and wearable technology are evolving in terms of their abilities, accuracy, sophistication, and overall adoption and usage. They can be looked at independently as influencing factors to consider within your Digital and Consumer Marketing strategy, although it’s easy to argue they can also coexist and therefore greatly influence each other.

Lisa Hutt


Last month you may have read an article about A/B Testing by my colleague, Chuck Forbes. In his article “Why You Cannot be Tired of A/B testing,” he lays out a great case for why A/B testing is not a flash in the pan tactic nor is it a tactic marketers should envision using just to prove person A’s opinion is more correct than person B’s.

Tony Fazzini


Q: What are Facebook Lead ads, and how can they be useful to businesses for lead generation?

Eye on Digital Marketing Podcast Episode 8
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