Search 3.0 – Voice Search and Wearables



Both voice search and wearable technology are evolving in terms of their abilities, accuracy, sophistication, and overall adoption and usage. They can be looked at independently as influencing factors to consider within your Digital and Consumer Marketing strategy, although it's easy to argue they can also coexist and therefore greatly influence each other. Given that to be true, what is your organization doing to prepare for Search 3.0?

The ability to hyper-focus on the now and execute plans already written, is important. But to ensure your organization doesn't get left behind, the entire company (all departments, not just marketing) should be challenged to think outside of the norm, and well into the future. It is highly possible to see how impactful voice search is, and will continue to be, for your SEO/Paid Search plans, and some of the considerations that should be reviewed related to keyword structure and artificial intelligence (surrounding interpretation of voice search). Flexibility on keyword modifications, content optimization and even web page layout may be required as we go to even smaller screens and more efficient (think predictable) user behavior or engagement.

Wearables have begun a new technology revolution, which we will expand over time, with users and opportunities/possibilities. It is for this reason, we must consider the impact on user behavior and expectations, which will influence our marketing and content planning. This will also force us to adjust KPIs and performance tracking. How can your company adapt to a moving target that isn't slowing down? Think in terms of consumption first and then ideas on how you can deliver. This will require everyone, from the C-Suite down, to visualize marketing, branding, promotions, (and so much more) in a disruptive manner. Through this approach, develop outside-the-norm strategies to engage where the customer needs you most. The NOW. Wherever / whenever / however they want, which will typically be the path of least resistance for a user. Bringing us back to voice search and wearables.

Are you prepared?

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