September 2017 Newsletter

Eye on Digital Marketing Podcast Episode 7
Google My Business and How It Can Help Boost Your Business

Would you like to boost your business through organic listings? Google My Business is a great solution! Learn about the free tool and its benefits.

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Andrew Wetzler


In observing our clients over the past 17+ years, one consistent theme I’ve witnessed is that the Digital Marketing tactics Business to Consumer (B-C) marketers employ have evolved much more rapidly than those their Business to Business (B-B) counterparts have been working with.

Danielle Leitch


Cross Domain Tracking makes it possible for Google Analytics (GA) to connect sessions on two related sites and make it a single session. This continuous flow allows you to understand how users navigate through your web properties to provide insight on a complete user journey.

Chuck Forbes


The problem with A/B testing today is that it is almost too easy, too common and marketers like to be on the cutting edge of trying new things. There is nothing flashy about A/B testing.

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