April 2018 Newsletter


Andrew Wetzler


For most organizations an office move is a stressful experience. There are often lots of unknowns, particularly from the perspective of relocation of equipment and technology. I’m pleased to report that our move was very smooth, and that going through the exercise benefits us in a bunch of ways.

Danielle Leitch


By now you have likely heard of the Cambridge Analytica data breach from Facebook. Basically, it was determined that Facebook shared many users’ personal and revealing data, as gained through one of their apps. Although Facebook alerted account owners upon logging in if their data was compromised, they also released a new privacy tool.

Khrysti Nazzaro


If you’re an administrator of a Google Analytics (GA) account, chances are you recently received an “Action Required” email referencing “GDPR” and several updates you need to review for your Google Analytics account. If you’re heavily entrenched in global business, you’ve likely been auditing your systems and processes for some time prepping for GDPR, but if you’re like many US-based marketers, you may be unclear what this GA notice means for you.

Chuck Forbes


Q: What Is the Difference Between Optimizing for Awareness Verses Optimizing for Conversions in Your Paid Advertising Campaigns? And How Do You Accurately Measure Each?

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